About Bali & Beyond


Since 1988, Bali & Beyond has presented informative and inspiring programs to thousands of audiences across the United States and Canada. Featuring traditional gamelan music and shadow play, and integration of western performance concepts in music, dance, and theater, Bali & Beyond has become one of the most innovative and successful ensembles of it's kind.

Bali & Beyond artists have a combined experience of over seventy five years in gamelan and related arts. Studying with the finest master artists in Indonesia, meticulous attention goes into every detail of every performance and educational program.



Through the years, Bali & Beyond has produced a wide variety of programs, from Gamelan at the Tearoom, an annual concert series in Los Angeles, to the New Pacific world music fusion ensemble performing with choreographers Nyoman and Nanik Wenten, Tomas Tamayo, Hiroko Hojo, and others.





Bali & Beyond has provided music and visual elements for Paramount Pictures, Disney, The National Geographic Society, MGM, and other motion picture and television venues.



Bali & Beyond provides consultation, performances, and production services for a variety of recording companies including David Lewiston and Nonesuch Records in their efforts to document fine Balinese music. The company also operates a 24 track digital recording studio with CD mastering capability.



Ever wonder what a bunch of California musicians are doing playing gamelan music or performing wayang kulit? It's a reasonable question. And the answer is simple enough. Just as Indonesian performers understand their art in a uniquely native way, Bali & Beyond artists understand western students and audiences. Bali & Beyond artists warmly and intimately lead western audiences deeper into the gamelan experience as seasoned guides.

Some may wonder why Bali & Beyond is a professional company and not a tax-exempt organization or club. Yes, the company has actually been criticized for paying taxes. Amazing, isn't it? Yes, Bali & Beyond is different. Bali & Beyond is artist owned and operated. The artists take personal pride and responsibility in presenting high quality, cost effective, programming and educational services, working directly with you from the first hello to the final applause. We wouldn't have it any other way!

Bali & Beyond would like to thank these teachers for supporting and believing in their students:

Wayan Loceng, Sukawati, Bali
KRT Wasitodiningrat, Jogjakarta, Java
Wayan Nartha, Sukawati, Bali
Wayan Sarga, Sukawati, Bali

Wayan Konolan, Denpasar, Bali
Nyoman Wenten, Valencia, CA
Nyoman Partha Gunawan, Tenganan, Bali
Djoko Waluyo, Valencia, CA
Made Dig, Batu Yang, Bali
Wayan Rai S., Ubud, Bali
Komang Astita, Denpasar, Bali
Nyoman Artika, Batuan, Bali

Bali & Beyond would like to thank these friends and colleagues for their contributions and support through the years:

Made Gabeleran, Sidha Karya, Blabatuh, Bali
Made Rindi, Sidha Karya, Blabatuh, Bali
Larry Reed, Shadowlight Productions, San Francisco, CA
Gus Barbaro, Edinboro University, PA
Bob Cowden, San Jose State, CA
Rob Jaffe, CSSSA, Sacramento, CA
Joyce Lightbody, Otis Parsons, Los Angeles, CA
Chris Acuna-Hansen
Leah Morrison, Occidental College, Los Angeles, CA
Richard Grayson, Occidental College, Los Angeles, CA
Janet Fernandez, ASU, Tempe, Arizona
Tom Whitman, Swarthmore, PA
Richard Freedman, Haverford, PA
Joe Smoke, Cultural Affairs, Los Angeles, CA
David Lewiston, Nonesuch, Maui, Hawaii
Jay Chattaway, Paramount, Hollywood, CA
Zabini Khan, UC Santa Barbara, CA
Scott Marcus, UC Santa Barbara, CA
Jason Stewart
Mike Pievac, Valencia, CA
Barry Newton, North Hollywood, CA
Dave Shaffer
Ryan McCarty
Lisa Marie Pirro, Mesa, AZ
David Philipson, Val Verde, CA
Greg McCourt, Jogjakarta, Java
Maurice Gainen, Los Angeles, CA
Gabriel Avenna, Pasadena, CA
Jennifer Meller, Los Angeles, CA
Ted Morano, Hartford, Conn.
Beth Anderson, Valencia, CA
Ed Dorsey, Carpinteria, CA
Nicholas England, Valencia, CA
John Bergamo, Piru, CA
Greg Johnson, Val Verde, CA
Gaylord Mowrey, San Fernando, CA
Andy Toth, Denpasar, Bali
Wayan Dibia, Denpasar, Bali
Made Wiratini, Denpasar, Bali
Made Suandi, Denpasar, Bali
Nyoman "Norman" Pangus, Toya Bungkah, Bali
Nyoman Nitri, Sukawati, Bali