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We proudly present favorite compact discs and cassettes from the Bali & Beyond, Bridge Records, Maharani, Dian, and Bali Record labels. This excellent collection of unique performances includes 'samplers' for the curious in addition to selections for the seasoned listener, student, and collector.

Degung Sangkala and other backordered CD's are back. Be sure to look below.

*** NEW *** See Below for Suling Flutes & Genggong Jaw Harps Click here to go directly to Flutes and Genggong!

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Gamelan at the Tea Room

This is a compact disc of a live performance
by Bali & Beyond at the Japanese Gardens in Van Nuys, California.

Gamelan Bali

Telek - Semar Pegulingan
Merak Ngelo - Gender Wayang
Legod Bawa - Gong Suling

Teruna Jaya - Gong Kebyar

Sekar Gadung - Salunding
Manuk Nguci - Gong Kebyar

Bali & Beyond CD201 $15Add to Cart .


Geko .

This is a compact disc of recordings from our digital studio.

Gamelan Bali

Procession - Beleganjur
Sekar Gadung - Salunding
Kosalya Arini - Kebyar
Tulang Lindung - Gender
Sinom Ladrang - Suling
Alas Arum - Gender Wayang
Liar Samas - Semar Pegulingan
Sekar Taman - Gender Wayang

Bali & Beyond CD991 $15Add to Cart .

By Far the best Kecak recorded to date!!!

Kecak - Compact Disk

This exceptional performance comes to you live from Bone, Gianyar (pronounced Bow-nah,) a village famous for Kecak ensembles. Enjoy the excitement of 100 Balinese singing and interlocking rhythmic syllables. The chant and song tells of the Ramayana. The great battle of the Monkey Armies inspired it's more common western name, Monkey Chant.

Bridge Records CD33 $15Add to Cart

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These Popular Items are Back!!!

Degung Sangkala
Compact Disk
Sultry and seductive, this Gamelan ensemble from Sunda is a "must try" for any music lover.

CD32 $15 Add to Cart



Seni Jegog
Compact Disk

This ensemble of bamboo xylophones, with keys up to ten feet long, is reminiscent of a grand bamboo pipe organ. Performed by Banjar Moding of Negara, the home of Jegog.

CD40 $15Add to Cart .

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Old and New Favorites!!!

Legong Dance

Compact Disk

This classic dance was recorded in Peliatan, Ubud, Bali on the sweet Semar Pegulingan Gamelan.


CD34 $15 Add to Cart.

Gender Wayang Compact Disk

This exciting ensemble accompanies the Wayang Kulit Shadow Theater of Bali played by one of the best groups on the island from Banjar Babakan in the village of Sukawati, Gianyar. Bali & Beyond's teachers I Wayan Loceng, I Wayan Nartha, and I Wayan Sarga can be heard on this recording!     

CD17 $15 Add to Cart .



Compact Disk

Hear gongs, cymbals, gong chimes, drums and more on this recording of Marching Gamelan performed by musicians from the capitol city of Denpasar.

CD39 $15 Add to Cart.

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Joged Bumbung Compact Disk

Musicians from Tegaltamu, Batubulan expertly perform this Balinese folk music on bamboo Gamelan instruments. This music is used for social occasions and as accompaniment for social dancing.

CD07 $15Add to Cart


Compact Disk

Traditional Balinese dance music popular in and out of
the temple.


CD35 $15 Add to Cart.

Degung Bali

Compact Disc

Intriguing sounds of Degung Balinese style.

CD18 $15 Add to Cart .


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Spirit of Bali
Legong Dance

Compact Disc

This classic dance was recorded in Ubud, Bali.

CD19 $15 Add to Cart.



Gong Gede

Compact Disk

This old sacred music of Gamelan Gong Gede is played on large bronze instruments that have more than a resemblence to instruments in the Javanese Gamelan.

CD36 $15Add to Cart .  


Compact Disk

This sacred and sweet four-tone bronze Gamelan music is performed by an ensemble from Batubidak, Kuta, Badung. These compositions accompany cremation rites and ceremonies.

CD37 $15 Add to Cart

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Legong Kraton

Compact Disc

The stately Court Gamelan plays for this classic dance style on the sweet Semar Pegulingan Gamelan.


CD20 $15 Add to Cart


Semar Pegulingan
Saih Pitu - Compact Disk

A classic ensemble with a twist! This is a 7-tone Semar Pegulingan as opposed to the 5-tone ensembles which were played for the Kings.


CD38 $15Add to Cart .  

Flutes and Genggong T

Suling Balinese Flutes

Bali & Beyond's Hand Made Bamboo Flutes are treated with linseed oil when they arrive stateside.

Let us pick you out a sweet sounding easy to play Suling!

Two sizes to choose from - Small + Medium
Suling081-S $15
Suling081-M $20
Add to Cart

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Genggong Jaw Harps - SOLD OUT

Made in Batuan by the best Genggong ensemble on the island, these instruments look like they're cut with lasers but are cut by the steady hand of a master artist. Maria is happy to choose a nice one for you.

Genggong081-S $15Add to Cart

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