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a performing arts company inspired by the cultures of Indonesia. Based in Los Angeles the ensemble performs and teaches locally and tours nationally and internationally, featuring traditional and creative gamelan music, shadow theater and educational presentations.

Bali & Beyond is directed by MaRia Bodmann and Cliff DeArment. This site is an introduction and supplement to our performances and workshops. We hope you enjoy your visit.

Gender Pelog Duet


Happy Summer - it's already sizzling here in Southern California!

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Bali & Beyond serves as guides to the musical and theatrical arts, including cultural and religious ideas of Bali. Our presentations offer translations of Balinese arts experiences in language Western audiences can easily understand.

We also bring tropical sights and sounds of Bali to enhance your special events. See, hear, and experience our offerings for a taste of... Bali & Beyond!!!


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Make your dreams come true with a Real Bali Experience tour! Now signing up adventurers for upcoming arts and spa retreats in Bali!

Click on Cliff DeArment and MaRia Bodmann to see their websites.

MaRia's COLA grant to create "EnerChi, a survival story" about her lung cancer experience. Video coming soon.

Our Balinese family [family pg2]
Bali & Beyond at the Festival of Masks

Who in these photos is not like the other ones?
Pretty pictures of Bali & Beyond in Yosemite

Have you visited Shop Bali & Beyond lately? Hard to find Gamelan CDs, including the very popular Degung Sangkala, are in stock, as well as new CD's such as, Gender Wayang featuring our dear teacher I Wayan Loceng, Beleganjur Processional music and more!

We carry the coolest Shadowcraft supplies and Wayang Kulit characters on-line! We also have the BEST carving tools, hand made and used by the Balinese to carve their Wayang characters.

The Alice Shoppe is open for business offering blank cards, magnets and t-shirts!

If you need a unique and special gift, definately check out Raressensual. You won't be sorry you did!

...Aum Swastiastu...

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