Gamelan Music Programs


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Bali & Beyond gamelan concerts feature expert performances of diverse musical styles.

Explosive modern Kebyar compositions, including Kosalya Arini, Teruna Jaya, and the classic Manuk Anguci, compliment delicate Gender Wayang pieces, stately Semar Pegulingan from the royal courts, ancient Salunding, ethereal choirs of flutes, hypnotic processions, Javanese Gadon, and Sundanese drums.

"Delicate, insistent, irresistible" - Los Angeles Times

"Equipped with conviction, energy, diligence, honesty... mutual respect, and a collaborative spirit." - Dinamika Indonesia


As a five or six player ensemble, Bali & Beyond advances the new "Tantri" style of chamber gamelan which is perfectly suited for touring as well as intimate listening. Originated in Bali by master musician Wayan Loceng, advanced two-handed Gender techniques make each part crisp and clear, allowing the spirit of the music to brightly shine. Bali & Beyond takes this chamber instrumentation to new heights, adding reong and other instruments in both pelog and slendro scales to present a very comprehensive gamelan experience.

Smaller and larger ensembles are available for a fully flexible presentation to satisfy the interests of any audience.


Gamelan Introductions

For students and audiences new to gamelan, Bali & Beyond offers a complete introductory program featuring stunning musical examples and informative discussions of where gamelan comes from, how the instruments are made and played, musical styles and learning techniques. Participants end the program playing a simple processional with the musicians.