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Bali & Beyond offers assembly performances, workshops, and customized residencies in Gamelan Music, Wayang Kulit Shadow Theater.

What IB Theatre Students from Riverview High School in Sarasota Florida had to say:

It was a great change from the usual classroom setting. I saw my first shadow play and learned a great deal about how everything is done. Most importantly, it opened my eyes to a different culture and new way of thinking.

Without your visit, it would have been difficult for me to fully understand or appreciate the exotic beauty of Gamelan music, how physically demanding the dalang's job is, and how painstakingly beautiful every piece of art or equipment used in a Wayang Kulit performance is.

I would like to thank you for sending us this study guide and let you know that it taught me more about Bali, Wayang Kulit, and Gamelan music than all of my other sources combined. However, later I realized that I did not fully understand Wayang Kulit or Gamelan music until I actually saw and experienced it for myself.

On Friday, during our puppet-making, Kawi language-learning, and puppet manipulating workshop, our entire Theater Arts class was unable to do what Maria does on her own for every performance.

All of us had a lot of fun and learned a lot about how one should prepare for a Wayang Kulit performance. The three Bali & Beyond performers were very well-prepared and experienced in teaching young people how to make and manipulate puppets, and how to learn to speak Kawi. Learning Kawi was definitely my favorite part of the workshop in spite of the strange looks our group received from other high school students who had no idea what we were doing.

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