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Bali & Beyond introduces audiences to the Balinese Gamelan, one of the most ancient musical traditions in the world.

A small chamber ensemble, Bali & Beyond presents Balinese music in microcosm, displaying delicate counterpoint and rapidly interlocking ornaments, played on traditional Gamelan instruments.




For students and audiences new to gamelan, Bali & Beyond offers "The Music and Culture of Bali" a complete program featuring stunning musical examples and informative discussions of where gamelan comes from, how the instruments are made and played, musical styles and learning techniques.

Participants end the program playing a simple processional with the musicians.


Gender Pelog Duet


The program begins with Telek, Balinese classical music. Audience members gain insight on the culture, geography, climate, flora, and fauna. The artists demonstrate how Gamelan music is played with interlocking patterns and melodies, and provide information on the instruments and how they are made.

The finale invites several in the audience to join the ensemble on stage, playing the gongs, drums, and cymbals of processional music. Questions are invited if time permits.


Audience Participation


The full program is flexible - from forty five minutes as a young audience assembly or sixty minutes for a family program to ninety minutes for a more intensive presentation.

It can be performed by a duet or up to a quintet depending on the needs and budget of our hosts. The program is adaptable to all ages and musical knowledge.



What the Press Says:


"Delicate, insistent, irresistible" - Los Angeles Times


"Equipped with conviction, energy, diligence, honesty... mutual respect, and a collaborative spirit." - Dinamika Indonesia


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