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About Traditional Gamelan Music & Wayang Shadows
Q and A - Balinese Dalang MaRia Bodmann - Indonesia Media
Game for Gamelan - Los Angeles Times
Balinese Shadow Play Epic Drama - Los Angeles Times
WayKul Calendar - Los Angeles Weekly
Bali & Beyond at the Hollywood Bowl - Puppet Life
My Real Bali Experience - Puppetry Journal

MaRia Bodmann COLA 2010 - Puppetry Journal

Articles In Bahasa Indonesia
Dalang MaRia Bodmann Menampilkan Wayang Bali di UCLA - Indonesian Consulate News
Dalang Dari Negri Obama - Bali Pos
Berwisata Kebudaya - Bali Pos
Dalang Dari Negri Bush - Bali Pos

About Other Shadow Creations + Workshops
EnerChi, a new work by MaRia Bodmann - Puppetry Journal
EnerChi - Making Deals With Death - Puppet Life
Fall in Angeles Reviews Alice in the Shadows - Knight's Letter Lewis Carroll Society of North America
Alice in the Shadows, a psychedelic rock 'n' roll shadow play - Knight's Letter Lewis Carroll Society NA

Shadow Anthropology Shines in Company Creation Festival
- Eye Spy Los Angeles
From the Shadows - Los Angeles Examiner Online about the Culmination of the Art & Craft of Shadow Play
The Art & Craft of Shadow Theater - Puppetry Journal

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