Residency Programs

Bali & Beyond features a variety of extended programs which provide practical experience and a well rounded understanding of gamelan and related arts. In residence, these programs may be bundled in any combination with concerts and introductory presentations.

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Kecak Monkey Chant

Groups of up to one hundred participants create the bursting flower of voices known as Kecak led by Bali & Beyond music director, Cliff DeArment. Simple rhythmic patterns interlock to produce one of the most stunning musical events in the world. The ensemble sits in concentric circles moving together in ripples and waves, imitating the sounds of gamelan instruments and animals.

See a student Kecak performance


Master Classes in Gamelan Music

For students of world music and gamelan, Bali & Beyond presents in-depth explorations of gamelan techniques and styles. Student participation provides real hands on experience with the music.

Student Gamelan Ensembles

Students learn to perform ancient and modern gamelan music from Bali and/or Java in class sizes of ten to twenty players. Course length is from three to twenty classroom hours and may include individual lessons.



Making Shadow Characters

Beginning and advanced courses with shadow artist Maria Bodmann provide experience in design, carving, painting and dying of traditional shadow characters and student creations.

More information about the Making Shadow Characters course
Student Gallery

Master Classes in Shadow Theater

For students with an interest in theater, puppetry, or Asian arts and cultures, shadow artist Maria Bodmann provides insight and information on traditional and modern shadow theater techniques.


Commitment to Education

Bali & Beyond set out in 1988 to spread the word about gamelan music. Since then, tens of thousands of Americans have seen and heard gamelan music for the first time at a Bali & Beyond program, more than any other gamelan in the world!

Teaching and presenting complete student concerts of gamelan music each year, with over 500 new students since 1990, Bali & Beyond has become a leader in gamelan education in North America. Bali & Beyond produces more experienced young gamelan musicians and shadow artists each year than any college or university, charitable organization, or gamelan club outside of Indonesia. Bali & Beyond students learn. Bali & Beyond students perform. And Bali & Beyond students LOVE the experience. Yours can too.