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Shadow Commissions

Custom made shadow images for BRC's exhibit Images of Singapore on Sentosa Island in Singapore




Images of Singapore!


These characters, were designed for BRC to look like the actors in their video, which greets visitors to the Warehouse of the Four Winds. This historic museum,called Images of Singapore, recounts the interesting past of this very important tiny island, the Gateway to the Spice Islands...




The audience walks into the room which houses the offices of the four traders. Soon they are led into another room to see the 4:30 minute video created by BRC. The video includes holograms, slides, live action, and shadow play!




After the video the audience is free to wander through the rather large warehouse/museum and view the exhibits and videos and read about Singapore, the melting pot of Southeast Asia.





Here are sketches of the Chinese and Indian characters:

And a photo of the inked Malay and Chinese characters - inked boldly so the colors will be subtle in shadow!


Contact Maria via eMail or call 818/837-9485 for more info about commissioning custom designed and made shadow characters and shadow play and be sure to visit our other shadow work on the Bali & Beyond and Alice in the Shadows websites!