Shadow Theater Programs

To inquire about a program, call 818/837-9485, or email MaRia

The Mahabarata in Shadow

An oil lamp flickers in the darkness. Lacy silhouettes dance and flutter as epic tales of rivalry and conquest are laced with classic human lesson and unrestricted wit.

Traditional Wayang Kulit shadow play is presented in English and the ancient Kawi language of Bali. Complete with live Gender Wayang gamelan music, ancient songs, offerings and mantras, stories include The Royal Consecration in Maya's palace of illusion, The High Priest's Challenge to young warriors, The Heavenly Princes and their search for Arjuna, and many more.


The LA Times described it best...

"Graceful... Bewitching... Impressive ease and virtuosity... Delightfully colloquial... topical... " - Chris Pasles

"a beguiling sample of traditional Balinese Wayang Kulit... a play with enough sex, violence, magic and humor to keep any audience happy for 2 1/2 hours." - Lewis Segal


Shadow Play Introductions

For students and audiences new to Wayang Kulit shadow play, Bali & Beyond offers a complete introductory program featuring behind the scenes explorations of the screen, characters, music, rituals, language, and action. A short shadow presentation follows featuring essential elements of the traditional full length program.


Alice in the Shadows

Bali & Beyond takes wayang to new heights with Alice in the Shadows, a psychedelic rock & roll shadow play.

For more information, see the Alice in the Shadows Website.