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Teenage Drama Workshop - CSUN 2007 - James and the Giant Peach


The Performance


The story opens with Mr. & Mrs. Trotter being
attacked and eaten by a fierce Rhino!




James, their son, is forced to live with his two mean Aunties until one day a magical person gives him special green things. Poor James fell and dropped the magical pieces on the ground, and the adventure begins...





An old tree suddenly bears a peach which grows
to an incredible size. Onlookers come from all
over to see the giant peach!






Shorly afterwards James find himself inside the
spectacular peach with a strange crew of colossal
insects. The centipede cuts the peach off the tree
at the stem and the peach rolls down the steep hill.
The group finds themselves in the sea!



The crew is amazed to find themselves floating in the sea on a giant peach.

Strange and peculiar things continue to happen and our hero James consistently finds successful solutions to each problem.




James engaged over 500 seagulls to lift the peach and it's crew out of harm's way over the killer attack sharks.




They flew over the Queen Mary on it's way to America...





And they successfully ran away from the hail throwing cloud people!



Finally our heros spot
land below and realize they have crossed the Atlantic Ocean and are floating over New York City.


They land atop the Empire State Building and are recognized as heros by the citizens of New York City!

Contact Maria via email at or call 818/837-9485 for more info about commissioning custom designed and made shadow characters and shadow play and be sure to visit our other shadow work on the Bali & Beyond and Alice in the Shadows websites!