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Shadow Commissions

Teenage Drama Workshop - CSUN 2007 - James and the Giant Peach


Preliminary Sketches for Shadow Characters...




We ended up using two "peaches" for the different peachy situations in the story!



Our rhino was split into three pieces



The roots were added to a copy of a large Balinese tree without any fruit or leaves

The silkworm into several pieces as was the caterpillar from Alice in the Shadows. It's harder to manipulate, but the students did a great job! The centipede had similar "sections" and was mounted to the sticks and manipulated in the same way as the silkworm.

The Queen had just a little less detail!

We only needed the top part of the Empire State Building

Please Note: These are preliminary and they will change by the time they become shadow characters. I'm envisioning the "props" to be made of cardboard and the "live" characters made of goat skin.
Contact Maria via eMail or call 818/837-9485 for more info about commissioning custom designed and made shadow characters and shadow play and be sure to visit our other shadow work on the Bali & Beyond and Alice in the Shadows websites!